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  • Hi end racing technology for the newest product in XPD racing Boot line. Improved safety, performance and comfort bring this boot to the next level, as XP7 will represent the pivotal guideline for future XPD racing models in the next few years.

    Lorica external material

    Shock absorber structure made of programmed shape
    polyurethane with acetalic resin inserts over chin and

    slider supporting tip area with gear shift padding

    aerodynamic rear fins

    shin lateral slider

    grip rubber profile around chin area to avoid leather
    suits misplacements

    double opening system

    double micro metric velcro fastening system

    vented lorica and air net over the heels area

    stainless steel slider

    air tech plantar increases sweat dispersion aling with
    internal mesh

    comfort achilles to limit boots taking off

    non-crushable, pierce proof nylon insole

    rounded, anti skid racing oriented functional sole made
    of vulcanised rubber

    diagonal heel for ideal feet positioning
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